Guitar Arrangement of Claudio Monteverdi's "Chiome d'oro, bel thesoro"

This is an arrangement for guitar solo. The original consists of three voices on three instruments that I transcribed to be played on one instrument.

I began by consulting transcriptions of the original score in modern notation. I didn't consult the original because it is written in the mensural Renaissance notation, which I cannot read fluently. I identified the melody notes and put them on the page. I added the basses, and experimented with adding different textures to add as much tasteful counterpoint as possible. I eventually changed the key signature from C major to A major to increase playability and quality of sound on the guitar. After I was done, I went through and carefully arranged the stems to be the exact direction and angle that I wanted them. I meticulously arranged the stems to make sure the music was as legible as possible, and I had to make sure all my musical intentions were visually apparent through the score (melody stems up, counter melody and bass stems down).

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